About Piece-a-Cake...I've been decorating for over 15 years.It's an absolute joy to be able to do what you love and then be able to share it with so many others. Piece-a-Cake offers cake decorating lessons and theme parties in the comfort of your own home.Basic Classes and Advanced Classes are available.We provide all ingredients, tools, and supplies.We bring cakes that are already baked and icing that's ready to go.All this...and you never have to leave your house. I also make custom cakes for any occasion. Just call for more details!


Basic Class Includes:
Bag preparation
How to ice a cake (smooth or combed)
Shell Borders / Writing
Figure Piping / Balloons
Roses and Rose buds

Advanced Class Includes:

Scroll Work
Beaded Borders
Daisies / Mums
Rose (review)
Pansies / Lillies
Basket Weave
Cornelli Lace
String Work




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